Sonnet: The Sabine Women

The men of Rome were stong; their legend grew
To strike fear in the hearts of all around.
Yet men need mates and Rome had precious few,
So they to fair Sabinium were bound.

In friendship’s guise they staged a daring raid
To bring back Sabine girls to be their brides,
But found that they would not be chattels made,
Demanding to be equals, side by side.

Sabinium rose up and rode to Rome
To take their daughters back by sword and spear;
They found the maids defending their new home
Between two armies standing without fear.

The Sabine women took charge of their lives;
They were not slaves, but willing Roman wives.

This was commissioned by Countess Judith of Northumbria for Drachenwald 20th Year, to introduce a performance of Pizochara.

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