Sonnet: Rome and Carthage

When Rome was at its height of power and pride
The curse of slighted Dido reared its head;
From Carthage came a fleet upon the tide
That sought to stain the sea with Roman red.

From Sicily to Tunis and beyond
The ships of Carthage faced the legions’ might;
In time the Roman navy would respond
And bring their blades to bear with raven’s bite.

To Hannibal did Carthage next resort,
His armies fierce, with elephantine strength,
But though he could bring down a Roman fort
He was defeated by the journey’s length.

A hundred years the cycle did repeat,
Until Rome handed Carthage her defeat.

This was commissioned by Countess Judith of Northumbria for Drachenwald 20th Year, to introduce a performance of a sword dance.

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