Sonnet: The Loves of Aeneas

When Troy’s great walls came crashing to the ground
Aeneas fled with father, son, and wife,
But as they ran he stopped and turned around
To see Creusa’s shade, bereft of life.

Across the sea to Carthage he then flew
And met Queen Dido, generous and fair.
Their love was great, but still Aeneas knew
That he must leave her, cursed by her despair.

Upon the shores of Latium he came,
To rule and make Lavinia his queen.
King Turnus, sword in hand, denied his claim,
But fell in war as prophets had foreseen.

Aeneas put down roots in his new home,
To father sons, a dynasty, and Rome.

This was commissioned by Countess Judith of Northumbria for Drachenwald 20th Year, to introduce a performance of Mercantia.

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