1. Sonnet: in praise of HRM Judith of Drachenwald
  2. Sonnet: in praise of HRM Eridani of Trimaris
  3. Sonnet: Knight-Slayer
  4. English Carol: Fealty With Love
  5. Terza Rima: In praise of Gwydion Braich Hir, Baron of Bryn Madoc
  6. Terza Rima: In praise of Mistress Rosemounde of Mercia on the occasion of her Augmentation
  7. Sonnet: “I turned my eyes up to the morning sky”
  8. Sonnet: “The sun shines down with far too great a heat”
  9. Sonnet: “The mighty bear strikes out with tooth and claw”
  10. Sonnet: “The foot may seem to be of little worth”
  11. Terza Rima: The Conqueror’s Choice
  12. English Sestet: On Governance
  13. Ghazal: “You Belong Here” – in honor of Mistress Jadi Fatima
  14. Terza Rima: In praise of the Barony of the South Downs
  15. Ruba’iyat: Concerning the artisan’s journey
  16. Rhyme Royal: Compostela
  17. Rondeau: “How fair the moon”
  18. Rondeau: “The gold shines bright”
  19. Rondeau: “Remember me”
  20. Rondeau: “I hold your hand”
  21. Rondeau: “Fealty with love”
  22. Terza Rima: Elisenda’s Stand
  23. Rondeau: “The things we want”
  24. Triolet: I Lost My Way
  25. Rondeau: “From Cupid’s bow”
  26. Rondeau: “Have faith in me”
  27. Rondeau: “My heart alone”
  28. Sonnet: Gifts of the Gods
  29. Sonnet: Penthesilea
  30. Sonnet: The Loves of Aeneas
  31. Sonnet: The Sabine Women
  32. Sonnet: Rome and Carthage
  33. Triolet: I Saw Her Once
  34. Triolet: Coming Home
  35. Shaped Poem: Desire
  36. Rondeau: “The knight in red”
  37. Triolet: The Sword
  38. Rhyming Couplets: The Fifth Pilgrim
  39. Rhyme Royal: The Ribbon
  40. Rhyme Royal: True Love
  41. Triolet: A Rosebud Rises
  42. Sonnet: The Crown’s Favor
  43. Decima: In The Garden
  44. Triolet: The Tree
  45. Ode: Foreign Shores
  46. Rhyme Royal: The Faith of Ants
  47. Sonnet: My Lady’s Heart
  48. Sonnet: “I smile when my true love’s face is in sight”
  49. Decima: “I bend my knee before my lord”
  50. Terza Rima: The Door
  51. Triolet: The Royal Arms
  52. Rhyme Royal: Walking At Dusk
  53. Ballad: The Moon Above
  54. Rondeau: “A lady’s hand”
  55. Rhyme Royal: Distant Stars
  56. Ode to a Shield
  57. Triolet: The greatest treasure in the land

I came into poetry through the side door. The first of these I wrote to celebrate the fact that there were going to be two reigning Queens at Pennsic that year with a love of dance. I attempted to emulate the sonnets praising ladies of high station found in Caroso’s dance manual, and presented my work at the war. Later, I felt it was only right that I write one for my own wife as well, and somewhat unintentionally became Poet Laureate. I wrote more poems then out of a feeling of obligation, though I found it quite enjoyable, of course.

I enjoy working within the confines of structured poetry, though I find some of the forms that were developed for non-English languages to be too difficult for me to make effective use of them. Here you can find more information on the forms I’ve used:

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