Sonnet: Penthesilea

When ancient Troy was in the throes of war,
And Hector’s shining star had been brought low,
An Amazon arrived with her fair corps;
They vowed to deal the Greeks a fatal blow.

Bold Penthesilea, with shield and sturdy spear
Fulfilled her oath upon the bloody field;
She battled Ajax with no trace of fear
But in the end they both were forced to yield.

With shining helm and crimson-tinted blade
She challenged grim Achilles face to face;
The blood of Ares filled the warrior maid
Who leapt toward her foe with fearsome grace.

The two met with a clash of sharpened sword,
Though grief would be the victor’s sole reward.

This was commissioned by Countess Judith of Northumbria for Drachenwald 20th Year, to introduce a performance of Buffens.

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