Sonnet: Gifts of the Gods

In time so old that gods were yet new born,
When Chaos ruled and waters round it ran,
The earth and sky were named and given form,
And there were born the beasts and birds and Man.

Prometheus brought down the gift of fire
That Men, whom he had made, could light their way.
But still they shivered in their crude attire;
Mere hides would not keep winter’s cold at bay.

Aristaeus taught Men to tend their sheep;
Demeter showed them how to till the soil.
In time the flaxen fibers would they reap,
And wool would be the prize of shearing’s toil.

Yet Man’s new growth would find its highest bloom
When wise Athena brought to them the loom.

This was commissioned by Countess Judith of Northumbria for Drachenwald 20th Year, to introduce a performance of Tesara.

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