Girl’s Doublet part 3

Girl’s Doublet Part 1 and  Part 2

I worked on the doublet and I decided to do it all by hand. The outer shell is silk faced satin, linen cotton blend interlining with wool padding and a linen lining.

Before sewing the wool padding to the pink linen blend the seam allowances were trimmed. Each piece was based on , then pad stitched, The padded interlining was then basted to the outer silk and all the layers were sewn together at the shoulders and sides.

The collar was set, and the seams clipped. After pressing, the seams were stitched open using a prick stitch. At this point the lining was sewn in and buttonholes begun.doublet 1 doublet 2 doublet 4


Each buttonhole was marked, then the layers basted together with pad stitches. After cutting open the holes with a chisel, I used blanket stitch around each opening, then used silk twist and buttonhole stitch to finish.

doublet 6 doublet 8 doublet 7 doublet 10 doublet 9


The sleeves were set and openings were whipped closed.

doublet 11


Little-Bug is  so excited shes been wearing it every chance she gets.

doublet 12 doublet 13

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 6:03 pm

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